Scott Skaja

For Columbia Heights City Council

Hello, my name is Scott Skaja. My wife Ann and I have raised our family here in Columbia Heights since 2006. We live here, work here and attend church here. We have 2 daughters, both in Columbia Heights public schools… Bella is entering her sophomore year at the High School and Mae is entering 8th grade at Columbia Academy. This community has taught me a great appreciate for the unique cultural diversity we have here in Columbia Heights. The hard-working nature of its residents and small geographical footprint of our city makes it very approachable and allows for its residents to easily get involved. In the past I’ve volunteered for our food shelf, Recreation Department, the annual Jamboree, the Athletic Boosters and school district sports. Through these experiences it’s allowed me to meet many quality families in our community. This spring I embarked on a mission to walk every street in Columbia Heights. This made my appreciation for our community grow to a new level as I saw even more evidence of good families trying to make a solid home in a vibrant and diverse community.

Since 1985, I have been blessed with a career in the film & video production industry. This is an that industry places a high value on working closely with multiple people on the creative process. This has taught me the skill of listening to the input of many, to work together on creative solutions, and compromise when needed. I have a firm understanding of meeting budgets and deadlines. I’ve owned my own video production company since 2011. This experience has added to my skillset the ability to run a business, work with budgets, balance ledgers and comply with government policies. I pride myself on high integrity, honesty, compassion and respect for each other. I am seeking a city council position because I love my community and want to see it be even stronger than it is today. I want to see more people get involved and lead with shaping our community and I cannot, in good conscious, try to convince more people to get involved, if I don’t do it myself. Given my ability to be a good listener and rational problem-solver, I’ve been encouraged to seek this position.

Arts and culture is the thing that attracts people to a community, makes us feel good about where we live, and makes us want to stay. It creates emotional infrastructure for people raising their families and spending their time and resources here. My short-term goal will be to promote arts and culture here in Columbia Heights. I will advocate for more art in public spaces, advocate for more of our artists to lead classes, and look for ways to create a weekly music in the park event.

I will look for a ways to limit Columbia Heights public office to 2 terms. Doing this will make way for others to step up and shape the direction of our community.

Columbia Heights is in a constant state of change and forward movement. We can honor the past while looking to the future to include all residents. My long-term goal will be to advocate for an increase in cross-cultural community engagement, and increase diversity in Columbia Heights leadership. I would like to see all people in our community feel comfortable in stepping up, offering ideas, and be a part of our leadership.

If you are interested in chatting about Columbia Heights, or if you would like to support me with a yard sign or a financial donation, please do not hesitate to contact me at the link below.

Thank you.

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